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"Sara is a sensational artist. She designed a lapel pin for us, and also a beautiful invitation for our fund-raiser. I would recommend her to anyone who's interested in getting quality work at a reasonable price."
-- Patti Hurley,Resource Director, A Minor Consideration
"Sara created this lovely Logo for my local business network in Oregon - Willamette Valley Business Network."
-- Nanc Johnson,Business Owner, Willamette Valley Business Network
"Glover Graphics has been one of the VERY BEST design services that my company has ever worked with!"
"...Your work looks AWESOME!!!!"
"Dina Andrews Management says that your design makes my book look like I spent a million dollars making this project ... (that's really what she said) ... Thank you so much, Sara."
-- C. Cirocco Jones(CEO), Music Powers
"Very creative and professional work. I've used graphics design services for many years, and your work is exemplary. Your perspectives are diverse, artistic and present the right balance of detail and white space. You've obviously been doing this a long time. GREAT WORK!"
-- Maverick, Bob Dean Stanford, Chairman (CEO) of Maverick Productions (movie productions) & Magnum Records (Record Label)
"Hi Sara,
. . . you are indeed a talent . . . . . the corporate stuff looks top notch . . . Nice logo identity work . . . I went through your gallery and the fractals work is quite interesting . . . continue doing your good work . . ."
-- Larry Namer,Founder of E! Entertainment TV, Reality 24-7 ( Comspan ( and several other successful entertainment companies
"In reference to the design of the New Day logo,
Awesome! Thank you, Sara. You do great work. I appreciate your style, creativity, expression and investment in making it outstanding. I'm Blessed by your work. Thanks again, & God bless!"
-- Krystal Lynn Kuehn MA LPC LLP NCC
"Glover Graphics' work has been ... extraordinary, creative and delivered on time."
-- Cindie Szarek,President, Image Builders of Michigan, Inc.
"Sara created this logo for my new company. She is extremely creative, very timely and worked within my budget. I would strongly recommend her to anybody seeking qualified, creative talent."

-- Bruce Moore,Insurance Agent, State Farm
"Thanks, Sara, for the great-looking banner ads you created for our web site Your fast turn-around really got us out of the pickle we were in, and your flexibility and pricing hit a home run. I look forward to working with you again!"
-- Rob D’Amico,SBSC Webmaster
"We produce Direct-Mail Magazines to extremely tight deadlines. As part of our freelance design team, Sara has always made herself available to work within our intensive schedule and consistently produces quality digital artwork."
-- Deanna Zontini,Publisher, Hometown Living Magazine, LLC
"Your art has an elegance that sets the tranquil in the mind. I enjoy your modern, impressionistic works and love being in cooperation with you on our contract. You had me sold from the beginning. The Future in the Arts most definitely needs you. Great Success in all you do."
-- Andrew Paul Helms, Artist, CEO & Business Owner - Andrew Paul Helms
"Sara is a very experienced Graphic Designer, versed in many aspects of design. I have found that her commercial experience is insightful, and reassuring, when we have worked on projects together. Sara is very respected in our Chamber of 1700+ members, and her professionalism reflects great credit upon herself. Thanks for all of your support, Sara!"
-- Steven Ward, President - Relevant Communications Inc
"It has been such an honor to work with you Sara! I have seen such an overwhelming response from people that just love my new logo, the flier and the menu. You were so fast at coming up with everything, and so kind when dealing with my ideas and changes. You are so easy to work with! Everyone that I have been talking to says you're the best . . . and I agree! Thanks so much and God Bless."
-- Lisa Labelle- Lisa's Pizza and Sweets, LLC
"Thank you for your extremely professional work. In particular, I appreciate how you were able to take my simple concept and develop it into a very attractive promotional piece for my business. It is great to work with talented people such as yourself!"
-- Otis Sprow, Owner - American Laser Centers of Rochester Hills
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